100 degrees on the 2nd of October?!

So, what do you do when it is 100 degrees outside during the first week of October and you have just finished an hour of filming? You crack open a bottle of ice-cold sauvignon blanc and let it bring your core temp down. Best of all, you drink it while watching NFL Network’s America’s Game series profiling my favorite sports team on Earth: The San Francisco 49ers.

Tonight’s featured bottle is a 2011 Sauvignon Blanc by Crocker & Starr (winemaker notes available here). This wine’s grapes hail from the Saint Helena and Oakville appellations and is made entirely from 100% sauvignon blanc. The winemaker is Pam Starr, one of the premier, rock star winemakers in the Napa Valley. In addition to being one of the few female winemakers here, her wines – quite simply – kick ass. Her career has taken her from San Luis Obispo on the Central California Coast to Sonoma, to Yountville, to Calistoga and – now – to Saint Helena. With co-owner Charlie Crocker as a partner, Pam settled in her current role in 1997.

Now, back to the reason you’re reading this blog…the wine. How’d it show? It has a nice light, golden color and a really clean aroma when you take a big whiff. The flavors are not overly complex but work very nicely together to produce a very clean flavor. I’m getting notes of Meyer lemon, green grass, and some minerality. Please don’t make me explain minerality. In short, it tastes like minerals. Remember, you’re not cooler just because you can come up with a few more superlatives for your tasting experience. And as you know here, we’re not about subjective rankings and ratings because wine appreciation is personal. But what I can say is that this wine is definitely recommended. Pick up a bottle now.

Brand: Crocker & Starr

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

MSRP: $32

Annual Case Production: 697

Current Vintage: 2011

Winemaker: Pam Starr

Origin: Napa Valley

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