The craft of it all: Spirits with a twist

The resurgence of the independent craft food and beverage industry is the hallmark of the early 21st century.  By definition, this is a more traditional, small-lot approach to production methods. Greater attention and detail are paid to every facet of the process. Fewer hands. Fewer inputs. Higher quality. More specialized products. Consumer, meet producer. With the democratization […]

A long road that ends with bubbles

One hundred and twenty miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, deep in the southwestern corner of Mendocino County, exists a quaint and remote valley. Tucked between hillsides filled with oak and redwood trees, Anderson Valley is abundant with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. The appellation benefits from the generous marine layer of the Pacific […]

The ultimate summer dinner party

This summer marked a significant birthday milestone. Although not a traditionally recognized year such as 21, 30, or 40, there was something distinct about this birthday that felt different than others. Perhaps it was the reality of time passing, the culmination of life transitions, or the never-ending cycle of personal developments; whatever the reason, this […]

A time to celebrate

As we usher in the holiday season, we are reminded of the fundamental simplicity of this time of year.  Family.  Community.  Gratitude.  Celebration.  All central tenets to how we choose to live our lives, every single day.  But no time of year beckons these sentiments quite like the holidays.  Maybe it’s the joy of connecting […]