The craft of it all: Spirits with a twist

The resurgence of the independent craft food and beverage industry is the hallmark of the early 21st century.  By definition, this is a more traditional, small-lot approach to production methods. Greater attention and detail are paid to every facet of the process. Fewer hands. Fewer inputs. Higher quality. More specialized products. Consumer, meet producer. With the democratization […]

The ultimate summer dinner party

This summer marked a significant birthday milestone. Although not a traditionally recognized year such as 21, 30, or 40, there was something distinct about this birthday that felt different than others. Perhaps it was the reality of time passing, the culmination of life transitions, or the never-ending cycle of personal developments; whatever the reason, this […]

Velo Vino: Hospitality at its Finest

As tradition would dictate, hospitality and wine are nearly synonymous.  Idyllic images of wine country showcase portraits of joyous patrons seated around tables overflowing with cheese, ripe produce, ample bottles of wine, and abundant conversation.  Hospitality, it seems, is a given. However, recently an unfortunate and subtle shift has taken place.  More often than one […]

Pillars of the Valley: Changing the Game – Ariel Ceja

We are pleased to debut Pillars of the Valley: Changing the Game, a series of wine country profiles that will explore the new millennium face of the wine industry.  Our hope is to highlight the multi-faceted components of the industry. From winemakers, to restaurateurs, to hoteliers, to sales professionals, to brand geniuses, and more, we aim […]

A film festival awaits

The Napa Valley is known for its legendary wines, scenic vineyards, exquisite culinary scene, and stunning feats of architecture.  However, one thing that is not traditionally synonymous to Napa is film.  Yes, there’s Sundance, Telluride, Tribeca, and other domestic festivals, but until recently, Napa never entered any of these conversations (except, perhaps, in a half-joking […]