The Goal

The goal is quite simple, really.

We hope to connect the dots between life and wine, as well as everything in between. Observations from the field. Humorous anecdotes. Efforts at the occasional serious review. Tidbits that make us smile. Life unfolded.

Goodbye elitism, hello awesomeness.

More than anything, we hope to unwrap the layered facade that surrounds the cult of wine. Wine is not something that should be stymied by stereotypes or pretenses.  It is something that should be enjoyed and embraced, regardless of your background, knowledge or palate. And more than anything, it is something that should provide connection.

In this pursuit, we hope to:

Educate ourselves (and hopefully a few others in the process) on the wines of the world.  We hope to be experimental in our pursuits, so as to appeal to a new generation of wine drinkers, thus demystifying the elitism and stigma associated with the culture of wine.

Capture the essence of wine country living.  From the little treasures of an apple tree in our back yard (hello, apple pie!), to hosting friends and family, to perfecting the wine country picnic, to capturing the perfect vineyard photograph, we are here to enjoy every step of the journey.

Explore the little nuances and stories of this vast world. From the one-man shop in a storage unit, to the vast empires of the largest wine houses, every person and entity has a story. We want to listen, learn, and share.

Come join us as we tackle the lighter side of life, one bottle at a time.  Salute!