This, they say, is harvest

Last week we wrote an article about harvest, the indisputable event of the year in wine country (article can be found here). In that piece, we profiled Chateau Montelena, one of Napa Valley’s most legendary¬†operations. In conjunction with that profile, we interviewed Dave Vella, Montelena’s vineyard manager. Included here is our interview with him. Dave is as affable and knowledgable as he appears; quick to laugh and with a dry sense of humor, we could have filmed for hours. Thank you to Dave and his crew for their amazing hospitality and generosity of time.

Here you will find a few photos from our day at Montelena.

And here…drumroll please…we present to you, our faithful followers: Episode 3: This, they say, is harvest!

(If you would prefer to skip right to the interview portion with Dave, please start the video at 4:31.)

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